Actors need portfolio photos, why not business professionals?

It is a well-known fact that actors and dancers invest in an expensive portfolio of various still images. From in-performance shots to their professional headshot, these images are one of the first indicators for them being cast within the interview process.

It is not only the photographer that the actors and dancers have to consider. Their outfits, colours, and make up are all additional factors in order to portray their natural image; after all, if their photos don’t look like them in real life, they won’t be remembered or may miss out on certain roles due to not having the correct image.

They then have the long and arduous process of being photographed all day. This is all an additional cost for people that are known as career driven passionate people that rarely earn their way with the job they have chose. But it is vital in order for them to participate in the industry in order to find their dream roles.

So why do business professionals not take their online portfolio seriously?

Portfolio Interview

If social media is the newest revolution in networking, why aren’t business professionals taking it seriously? Think of LinkedIn and Twitter as a shop window, with the product being yourself. Will that big contract/client be interested in you on a beach with a beer in hand? Maybe, but chances are the suited and booted high flying exec will probably gain more interest and credibility.

Take a leaf out of the entertainment industry’s book and invest in your online portfolio. You can see some of our examples here

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