Headshots for Sportsmen

Why professional Sportsmen should have a professional headshot

Headshots for Sportsmen are important, not just the ones they have in their kit.

Recently many Rugby players have converted the pitch into the office. A considerable amount have become part of the insurance sector. It appears that the most common sportsmen getting corporate jobs are Rugby players, as they do not earn enough money to live off for the rest of their lives.

As well as having a career after playing sport a lot of top end sportsmen attend charity events and corporate events. They will of course need a smart headshot (not in their kit!) as it will give a more professional impression of them.


Another massive reason on why Sportsmen and women need headshot photos is because they are a spokesperson for a company… Employing a former sportsmen for example James Haskell (when he retires) who has a very good reputation is an ideal opportunity for people to attend their events, as it will attract more potential clients to the events. It’s more appealing for someone to listen to a former England Rugby player speak than any old person from a business.


This is why it is key for a Sportsman to have a corporate headshot photo. Also, many footballers who do not manage to play in the highest leagues need a job after football and many of them go into trades such as builder, electrician etc. This shows they need a headshot picture for their Twitter or Linkedin profiles.