Avoid unwanted attention on LinkedIn

Women are getting professional headshots for their LinkedIn accounts.

If you haven’t seen the latest news surrounding LinkedIn, you may be well ahead of the curve with an appropriate professional headshot.

Unfortunately for some, especially women, LinkedIn has taken a seedy turn to reflect an online dating app. The professional networking site, has been caught up in some controversy  surrounding their user base, with select individuals taking an opportunistic approach to connect with potential business partners to “compliment” them on their appearance. An original article on the debate can be found here.

Family law barrister Charlotte Proudman has ignited a heated sexism debate Charlotte Proudman/Twitter

Is it possible to prevent unwanted attention on LinkedIn?

Unlike those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the unwanted attention that has been noticed on LinkedIn, it is not too late to prevent these interactions.

As you are aware there is no clear cut way to do this. Creeps will carry on being creeps, however, like many of my previous blogs, the key to LinkedIn, networking and online social networking is first impressions.

Portraying a professional, confident you, puts you in a powerful position amongst your audience, helping to create an influential position for yourself within your community. The first step to doing so is creating your personal brand image through a professional headshot.

So what do you think of all the latest LinkedIn controversy?

Let us know your opinion on whether or not people are over reacting on Twitter at @theheadshotguy, I have taken many headshots for female entrepreneurs who have received a mix reaction, unfortunately the issue comes down to the individual receiving the message  and how they portray the “compliment.”