Why is a headshot so vital for an actor?

Actor, Joseph Gale shares his views on why a headshot is so vital in his industry.

In the acting world image is very important, making sure you have a good headshot is essential to make you stand out from the crowd. As an actor my headshots are one of the main tools I use to get work. The focus of any actors CV is their headshots so choosing the right photographer and the right image is something you need to consider carefully.

Actors Headshots by The Headshot Guy
Actors Headshots by The Headshot Guy

Actors need to be able to portray themselves in many different lights so having a variety of shots portraying different looks and emotions is important, although you have to select one main headshot for many of the casting websites which should always be the image that will help to sell you best. If you are applying for a corporate role the casting team want to see what you look like in a suit so it is important that on the day of a shoot that I take four or five different outfits so I can capture as many varied looks as I can. Also for guys bring your razor along with you so you can have a combination of shots with facial hair and clean-shaven.

Choosing the right images to use is difficult and it is crucial that you get someone else’s opinion, ideally an agent or casting director as they will look at you objectively. It doesn’t matter how much you like or dislike the image, what matters is whether it will sell you in the right way.

Traditionally actor’s headshots were always captured in black and white but in this day and age colour photos are more popular than ever.  Castings for film and television tend to favour colour whereas theatre may focus on a more traditional shot. With this in mind I use a combination of both to ensure I maximise my chances of employment.

Taking the time to consider what headshots you use as an actor is vital, as it can be the difference between getting an audition and not.

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