When asking Google to define the term affirmations it reads ’emotional support or encouragement’. In business I believe this is something that we should be actively and consciously pursuing. If you read someones blog article and found it insightful leave them a comment and tell them, if you see a YouTube video that resonates with you share it on your social media pages and tag the user that created it.

I’ve found over the years that the majority are quick to give negative feedback but compliments are far too scarce. However, recently I have seen a shift in attitude and with collaboration being such a popular term nowadays it’s great to see professionals promote each other and enter into win win situations. In particular the women in business that I follow on Twitter seem to be experts in affirmations, supporting and encouraging each other’s projects and events leading to strong long-term relationships, which is fantastic.

Recently I have noticed an increase in people complementing one another’s profile pictures, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. Many people feel self-conscious when having their photograph taken and if you are not entirely comfortable with your appearance it can be daunting to then upload the picture to social media platforms displayed for the whole world to see. It takes less than a minute for you to leave a comment or hit like on someone’s update but your kind words could potentially make that persons day.

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love hearing someone say something complimentary? So if you’re thinking it make sure that you are saying it and not just on social media. It’s time to boost morale and start making sure that everybody knows just how lovely and well thought-of they are.

Still feeling camera shy? I ensure you I will do all I can to put your mind at rest and just wait and see how many positive affirmations you will get.