Capturing Your Character

It’s a really weird thing to think as a writer or really anyone doing any job that you’d need a professional headshot. I started getting them because of my acting work, it’s compulsory to have them, goes hand in hand with the job. But over the past year as I’ve been doing more and more writing, presenting and speaking it’s become clear that it’s just as important to have them to support that side of my work as well. It’s weird, as a writer you’d think what you look like wouldn’t matter and I don’t think it’s about getting a beautiful photo it’s about capturing your character. It all adds to supporting your work and credibility.

Jana Dowling by The Headshot Guy
Jana Dowling by The Headshot Guy

Recently I had my shots done by John Cassidy. Surprisingly there’s a lot that goes into capturing your character and there’s a definite skill to being able to tease it out of you, John was really good at that. As he was taking the photo’s and giving me directions I kept popping back to the screen to see what he was talking about, so I really understood how I needed to move my head, eyes, body and mouth. Something not every photographer will let you do. The most tricky thing for me was trying to have something going on in my eyes whilst keeping my  mouth relaxed at the same time. Sounds easy but it wasn’t for me!  Johns job is tricky and it takes someone with a good eye and judge of character to know what to get out of each client.

Photo©John Cassidy The Headshot Guy® 07768 401009
Jana Dowling by The Headshot Guy

He made me feel very at ease and we had a laugh while we were getting it all done, which is very important to me. I guess the point of this is that I believe having great head shots as a writer/journalist is as important as for my acting/presenting career. By putting your face next to your words, you become accountable for your work, something I believe any good writer will do.

I guess now a days with social media we are all used to being able to see people. It’s important that the image you are putting up really does do you justice personally and professionally. Capturing your character in a photo can be really powerful and has definitely helped me with getting more work.

Thanks John!

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