How To Maintain Your AAA Rating…

Awareness, Attitude and Action. Many of us know that much of what happens to us, intellectually speaking, is dictated by our level of awareness, our attitude and actions. However, only when we become more conscious of how these attributes affect others and us do we make an effort to improve them.  These three components are tantamount to who we are, or, how others experience us. That’s why we all need to pay more attention to these important characteristics. Generally speaking, most of us are less conscious than we could be about these qualities.

In order to improve our communication skills, first we need to improve our awareness. We can do this by being fully present. When our attention is in the present, we can focus on what is really going on in our lives with far more clarity. When we focus on the here and now, not the past or the future, we are truly living. We see, feel and experience life in its fullest sense. This is when our awareness, almost organically increases exponentially. And once we experience the pleasure this brings to us, we become hooked.

Our impact on loved ones, friends and business acquaintances, when our attitude toward a situation is too emotional or unrealistic is usually less than good. In effect, these moments affect our wellbeing and often determine outcomes. We can see the glass as half full, or half empty, in fact, it’s both. However, it’s our attitude that often makes the choice for us. Research makes it clear that as we see life, that’s how it is… An attitude shift in the right direction is one of the keys to more joy. So if you feel that life has thrown you a curve ball, shift your attitude and stretch yourself, so that you can catch it without falling over.

Every action we take has an impact. When we say ‘yes’ and we mean or feel ‘no’, we often do so to come across as nice or accommodating, and when we do that we devalue our yes. First and foremost, always say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s a healthier way to live because you are being true to yourself. This doesn’t mean just articulating everything you think. If you did that without any emotional management in place, you would be less effective than you would like. And the impact you have on others is likely to be less good than you would hope for.

To live a life that enables you to flourish, I encourage you to make the effort to be the best version of you that you can be. And know that with heightened awareness, an attitude that focuses on being upbeat, and actions that are disciplined by self rigor, you will experience yourself as being the person that you are truly proud of. This is a feeling that will continue to grow as you work on cultivating the desire for your personal growth.

This blog was written by Malcolm Levene, personal branding expert, to find out how he can help build your brand click here.