What to bring to your headshot shoot

by John Cassidy The Headshot Guy London
What to bring to your shoot…
It is important for you to know what to bring to your headshot shoot to ensure you get the very best images.

Your Wardrobe:

Ok so not literally, but it is better to bring too many clothes than not enough. We ask that everyone bring at least 6 different outfits with them in different styles band colours (mainly tops but some bottoms too if you are having some 3/4 length shots taken). Together we can decide whats going to work best on you, works well on camera and is appropriate for your target audience. Check out our wardrobe rules here.

Hair Accessories:

We do have a mirror and a selection of hair accessories such as a brush, comb, hair clips and bands. But you may like to bring along your own as well as some light hair spray or gel.


If you are doing your own make then please bring it with you. Be sure to bring a few different shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, as some colours may not look as good on camera as others. Avoid anything with too much gloss or shine. In particular, don’t wear high gloss lipsticks or shiny lipgloss. Also avoid any face creams, bronzers or blushes that contain any sort of shine or sparkle. These can look unnatural and reflect too much light in photos. If you are not too sure and want to go for a real pamper let us know and we can book our professional hair and makeup artist…

A Toothbrush or toothpick:

Just in case you have any remnants of your last meal stuck between your teeth!


Being in the spotlight for any period of time can be irritating for your eyes so eyedrops can help. Chances are, you won’t need to use them, but it’s better to have them just in case you do.

Jewellery & accessories:

A selection of necklaces and earrings to help personalise your headshots even more.

Products & Props:

If you have any products that you are promoting such as your book, workbook, CD or DVD, bring them with you and we’ll get some brilliant shots with you promoting them.

A Bottle of Water:

To keep yourself hydrated.

And finally your credit card to pay any outstanding balance you may have.


If you have any questions about what to bring to your headshot shoot please contact us.