The Power of Yet

How has your week been so far?

If your answer is something like “not too great…” this week’s suggestion is the one for you!

This is so simple, but can really help to turn your mood around.

This week we’re talking about the power of YET.

Basically, any time you find yourself thinking or saying something negative, add YET to it.

For example: How’s your week been so far?

Not too great… YET!

I know it sounds too simple to be of any use – but a lot of these tips are like that.

The whole point of this weekly email is to give you small, easily actionable tips that can help to add mental sunshine to your life – and this is exactly that.

By adding YET to the end of your sentence, you add in the possibility – and the expectation – of things improving.

I can’t speak Spanish… YET
I can’t cold water swim … YET
I don’t feel very good… YET

It’s a tiny shift that can, over time, help to change your outlook and help you to see things more positively.

What are you not doing YET…?

It’s adding in that possibility of change, creating what Carol Dweck calls a growth mindset – the idea that nothing is fixed and we are all capable of growing.

Try it today; see how you get on!

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