Happy Thinking Thursday!

This week’s mental sunshine is all about thinking and changing the way you think.

I know you might think it’s impossible to change your thoughts – but actually, you can.

My interest in thoughts and thinking have been sparked by reading books by New Thought authors like Neville Goddard, Thomas Troward, and Christian D Larson.

The first step with thinking is to realise that YOU control the way you think.

Nothing external has the power to make you think or feel in a particular way – Unless you decide to let it.

Second, is to be more consciously aware of your thoughts – to begin to notice when negative or adverse thoughts are creeping in. And if they do, to stop and start to question them.

Are these thoughts true, why am I thinking this way, what has occurred to trigger them?

The only thing in this life that we can have actual genuine control over is our own thoughts and how we react to the world around us.

We might find it easier to blame someone, something or some situation for making us feel a certain way.

However what we really mean is that we have allowed that person, thing or situation to affect our thinking.

Once we realise this, we can work on not allowing it to affect us.

To choose the state (or frequency) that you wish to feel

To see things just as they are and attach no meaning to them.

It’s the same rain that allows thorns to grow on a bush as lilies in a pond.

What could make you happier than to think about and follow your dreams…

New thought authors like Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Florence Scovel Shinn amd many more believe that happiness is our natural awakened state.

And I do too.

You only have to look at how young children play, smile, laugh and giggle to know this is true.

It is easy to fall into the habit of thinking negative thoughts and become used to thinking this way. Especially with everything that’s going on around us right now.

Equally, we can fall into the habit of thinking in a more positive way.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But it is simple.

And a great habit to get back into. Your natural awakened state.

As always I’d love to know if this has sparked your interest and hear your thoughts about thinking…