How is your week going so far?

I don’t know about you, but after a disruption to my schedule like a long weekend, I find it hard to get back into my proper sleeping/waking routine.

That first morning when the alarm goes off can feel awful!

This week’s mental sunshine is something really simple that you can do to help with this.

It’s super simple.

All you need to do is make sure you get sunlight into your eyes first thing in the morning.

Ideally, you want to be outside in daylight, without sunglasses on.

Getting sunlight into your eyes first thing in the morning sets up a chain reaction of hormone releases in your body

It helps you to wake up and face the day, but also as the chain reaction continues, helping you to wind down for a restful sleep at the end of the day.

As well as helping you to get into a regular routine, getting sunlight into your eyes helps your body to produce serotonin.

The so-called “happy hormone”

Serotonin is called the “happy hormone” but it’s really responsible for a whole host of functions in your body including mood regulation, sleep, digestion, wound healing, bone health and blood clotting.

Wake up to the sunshine and brighten your day…

Getting outside into the sunshine first thing is a really simple thing we can all do to try and improve our mood and overall wellbeing.

While you’re outside, why not take a photo and share it with our A Photo A Day For Wellness Facebook group.

I love to see all the different photos people take – especially the sunshine ones 🙂