Brain Holidays

Do you have plans for the Jubilee weekend?

Many of us have four days off this weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee…

How often do we get four days in a row where we don’t need to be working, doing school runs or otherwise running around?

Usually only at Easter and Christmas, right?

There are lots of Jubilee celebrations going on over the next few days,

But now is also a great time to give yourself a bit of TLC.

Give yourself some time off.

Give yourself a Brain Holiday.

I think we all need to take down-time on a regular basis – whether that’s a quiet day of doing nothing, getting a lie-in or going on a long walk.

My top tip for a long weekend to maximise your Mental Sunshine is to plan for some major down-time.

Take advantage of the fact most businesses will be closed, your email inbox is likely to be quiet and people might even be more understanding of you not answering your phone on the first ring.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:
• Switch your phone off for a day – or as long as you can manage. If you can’t switch it off, at least switch the ringer off or put it on Do No Disturb
• Do something you wouldn’t normally do – attend a Jubilee celebration, or go for a walk somewhere quiet. Anything that’s not part of your normal routine
• Arrange to catch up with an old friend you’ve not seen for a long time
• Say “thanks for thinking of me, but no” to something you really don’t fancy doing
• Look on Netflix/Amazon Prime/YouTube and find an old TV show you loved when you were a child. Take a walk down memory lane
• Get up late and take your time making something special for your breakfast
• Get up early and go for a long walk/swim…

Give your brain a holiday – I’ll be swimming with the fishes…

Whatever you’re doing this Jubilee weekend, I hope you manage to find some time to just chill out.

Give yourself a proper break from the world and chill out!

And if you’ve not got a long bank holiday weekend where you are, why not take a sneaky day or 2 off and have a brain holiday…