This week’s Mental Sunshine might sound a bit lazy, but bear with me!

People are forever striving and fretting over getting things 100% perfect – but often 80% is perfectly good enough

Especially when it’s your first version of something.

That doesn’t mean not making an effort.

Rather, it means doing the best you can, and knowing when to stop and say “this is done now” without allowing perfectionism to paralyse you.

There’s an old saying: done is better than perfect.

It’s better to finish whatever your project is, and to get it out there into the world.

You can always improve it later – with genuine feedback from people whose opinions you trust.

You just have to look at all the iterations of the iPhone – now on version 13 and still being perfected…

It’s also good to remember that YOUR 100% is rarely the same as other people’s 100%.

And there will also be people who look at your 80% and marvel at how amazing you are.

I’m not suggesting that you should just stop making an effort and start putting out half-finished, substandard projects etc.

What I am suggesting is that you cut yourself some slack, and perhaps lower that perfectionist bar just a little.

Don’t allow perfectionism to paralyse you…

Yes, there are times that only 100% will do.

If you work in a mission-critical environment such as micro brain surgery or bomb disposal – you know only 100% will cut it.

I really believe those times are few and far between though, and for most of us, 80% is just fine most of the time!

And less stressing about perfect = more brain room for mental sunshine to shine and a happier you.