Success for All

How successful are you feeling today?

This week’s dose of mental sunshine is about wishing success for all.

I heard a quote attributed to Tiger Woods, where he said that when he watches others playing golf – even when they are competing against him – he always wills the ball goes in the hole – no matter who’s putting – wishing success for his rivals.

The thing is, you can’t wish failure for someone one minute, and then wish success for yourself a few minutes later. You’re either focusing on success or failure – for yourself and for those around you.

I really believe there is plenty of success to go around; enough for everyone.

No matter whether you’re playing golf at the highest level, interviewing for a new job or watching your favourite team play football – it makes sense to wish success for everyone.

Adopt a success mindset in general, don’t try to pick and choose between when you want to see success and when you want to see failure. If you focus on failure, that’s what you’ll get.

Wish success for all…

You can look at the people around you and wish them every success, knowing that their success won’t automatically mean you fail.

Even if that person is in the waiting room with you, waiting to interview for the same job – still wish them success.

You might not get the job, but you might get the next one you go for, and that one is a much better fit for you.

Always try to remember the saying: pouring salt into your sugar won’t make mine any sweeter.

When we wish success for all, and when we can truly find joy in seeing another person succeed, life is sweeter.

When we look in bitterness at someone doing well in their life, it makes our whole life more bitter.

I know which one I prefer!