This week’s mental sunshine is all about helping others.

I know what you’re thinking – this is supposed to be an email about helping yourself to feel good, right? So why am I telling you to help someone else?

The thing about helping others – whether holding a door open for someone or volunteering in a more formal capacity – is that it actually helps you to feel good too.

When you volunteer for a good cause, you know that you are doing your bit to help.

With the current situation in the world, there are so many ways we can all feel fed up and helpless. Even if you don’t watch or listen to the news, it’s hard to avoid seeing the war, poverty and injustice going on all around us – in this country and abroad.

Volunteering is something we can all do – in a big or a small way – to feel like we are doing something.

We’ve seen this lately with the thousands of people rallying round to collect vital supplies and take them to Ukraine. Numerous ordinary people have filled trucks and vans with things like clothing and food, and driven them across Europe to where they are most needed.

No doubt they have witnessed some heartbreaking scenes along the way, but they also feel good that at least they are doing something to help.

You don’t need to drive a truck across Europe to make a difference though. Even an afternoon spent collecting litter from the roadsides in your local area can help – both with making the roadsides look better, and with helping you to feel more positive.

Feel good by helping others…

American kids’ TV show host Mr Rogers once said that when bad things are happening in the world, we should look for the helpers – the people on the edge of the story, who don’t make the headlines but are doing brave and caring things to help others.

Seeing the way people are coming together to try and help their fellow humans in Ukraine – or the way local people work together to care for grass verges and common land, or the numerous other ways people make a difference by volunteering – can really fill your heart with love for your fellow humans.

When you become one of the helpers yourself, that feeling multiplies.

Have you volunteered lately? I’d love to hear about your experience.