Happy Thursday!

This week’s mental sunshine is about random acts of kindness.

I challenge you, between now and next week’s email, to perform a random act of kindness, and see if it doesn’t make you feel good.

Double kindness points if your random act is for a stranger.

It could be something as simple as holding a door for someone, or paying for the coffee of the next person in line at a coffee shop.

You could let someone go in front of you in the queue at the supermarket, help someone carry their shopping home or help lift a pushchair up or down steps.

Does your neighbour’s lawn need mowing?

Perhaps they need something from the shop?

If you’re washing your car this weekend – does the car next to yours need a bit of a wash too?

Buy an extra parking ticket and hand it to the person behind you in the queue.

Put your neighbour’s bin away after it’s been emptied…

Random acts of kindness are a great way to bring some mental sunshine into everyone’s life!

You know how good it feels when someone does something nice for you out of the blue – but do you know how good it feels when you’ve been the person doing the giving?

When you see that you’ve brightened someone’s day, it just feels amazing – probably better than being on the receiving end!

It pays to be kind…