Welcome to my 52nd consecutive weekly dose of mental sunshine email.

Yes a whole year has passed since I started to write these weekly emails to spread a little positivity with some simple wellness tips.

You can see the whole archive here…

So, this week’s mental sunshine tip is something you might find a little odd – but it falls squarely into the “it’s free so why not try it” category.

This week I’m suggesting that you take off your shoes and socks, and do a bit of grounding.

There are actual, scientifically proven benefits of having direct physical contact with the earth – mainly to do with the supply of electrons on the earth’s surface.

It might sound a bit odd or hippie-ish, but it’s worth a try, right?

The theory is that the electrons on the ground interact with and regulate the electrical conductivity between the cells in our bodies – this helps to reset our internal systems.

This includes our nervous system, immune system and circadian rhythm.

So kick off your shoes and have a walk around your lawn or the local park. Wild swimming or paddling (in a local pond or river, not the local chlorinated pool) is a good way of grounding as well.

Grounding, what have you got to lose…?

As the weather warms up, now is a great time to try this out. Just twenty minutes per day of grounding is thought to have a great impact on all sorts of things, from improving sleep to reducing stress and even helping with chronic pain.

You can even get grounded in bed while you sleep by using an earthing sheet.

What have you got to lose… apart from your socks, obviously…