No Phone

This week’s email may well strike fear into your heart – but I promise once you do it, you are likely to feel brilliant.

This week I want you to experiment with… switching off your phone!

Remember the olden days, when you got up from your desk at school or work, and left it all behind to go home where you were practically uncontactable?

The phone that was plugged into the wall would only ring if there was a dire work emergency, or if someone wanted to have a sociable chat with you.

These days we’re contactable 24/7.

We’ve become used to it, and other people have become used to being able to contact us…

But do they really need to?

Will the world end if it takes you a little longer to get back to someone?

Start with just half an hour.

Switch your phone off, and then just quietly notice how many times your hand goes to reach for it for some reason – and what that reason is.

Are you using your phone to avoid making eye contact with other people in a waiting room or queue?

To avoid having to be present in the moment?

This is not about judging or berating yourself – just about noticing how attached you have become to your phone.

Once you’ve done it for half an hour, can you switch it off for a couple of hours or even overnight?

Could you begin switching it off as soon as you get home from work?

If not off completely, could you put it on silent or somewhere out of sight?

Switch off and be present…

In this day and age, the idea of being uncontactable seems revolutionary.

Once you get over that initial “fear of missing out” it can feel incredibly liberating to be able to just get on with what you’re doing, without your phone being a distraction tool.

You might even enjoy it!