Print Your Photos

I love this time of year; the beautiful autumn colours will soon be upon us and it feels like there’s always something new to see and explore.

This week’s Mental Sunshine is all about capturing that beauty – and then doing something with it.

I don’t know about you, but I take hundreds of photos…

I mean, it’s my job to take hundreds of photos – but even personally, whilst out for a walk, I take a lot of photos.

The thing is, once we’ve taken our photos we often just leave them on our phones or cameras; we don’t do anything with them. What a waste!

My suggestion for you this week then is to print some of your favourite photos.

There are lots of apps and websites these days that offer a number of free prints each month.

You could even get them printed into albums, cards or photo tiles for your wall.

I bet you have at least one brilliant photo stored on your device that just makes you smile – either because it’s gorgeous, or because it is a lovely memory for you.

So then, what’s it doing on your phone where nobody can see it?

Get it printed and put it on your desk or your wall so that it can make you smile every time you walk past it!

Show off your own photography skills

Enjoy the autumnal colours…

As always, if you have a great photo you’ve taken, why not share it in our Facebook group.

I love to see how everyone’s photography skills are coming along, and to see what people’s environments look like.