Pot Plant

This week feels a little strange, doesn’t it?

Not quite “back to normal” after the Queen’s funeral, but also feeling like we probably should be.

The perfect time then, to think about some mental sunshine – and ways to lift your mood a little.

This week’s tip you may have already tried – I know a lot of people did during lockdown…

And no, I don’t mean baking banana bread!

This week’s tip is to get a pot plant… or two. Or three!

Owning and taking care of pot plants can be a really easy way to improve your mood and overall mental health.

A study published back in 2015 found that interacting with indoor plants can induce physiological and psychological relaxation.

Taking care of a plant and watching it grow can be really rewarding.

I know a lot of people feel like they’re a disaster when it comes to plants, but there are many pot plants that are really hardy.

Beautiful Floral Tributes…

Plants like sansevieria (aka snake plant), pothos (devil’s ivy) and zamioculas zamiifolia (ZZ plant) are all very sturdy and don’t need too much fuss over them.

They just sit there on the side, looking pretty and forgiving your infrequent watering schedule!

Pot plants can also help with air quality; they actually act as natural air purifiers.

Being surrounded by greenery can make your living space feel more calm and chilled out – which is bound to benefit your mental state.

Why not treat yourself to a pot plant!