This week’s tip is to switch off non-urgent notifications on your phone.

These days our phones can do so much for us – not just phone calls and messages, but the numerous different messaging apps we use, social media, banking and all sorts.

We’ve had a few tips about mobile devices before, and some of them (like switching your phone off) might have seemed a bit drastic for you.

Many people feel they need to have their phone on them and to be contactable in case of an emergency – which is fair enough.

But how many notifications do you get each day?

Every app wants to be able to send us notifications, and it can quickly add up until our phone is constantly dinging with news and bank transactions and likes and comments and… well, everything!

How much of that is urgent, really?

How much of it do you need to know about, right now?

This week I challenge you to create a boundary around what is truly urgent for you – and then to be absolutely brutal about switching off notifications for those non-urgent things.

Look up & around instead of looking down at your phone…

Constant notifications from social media apps can have us dipping in and out of them all day long .

Or worse, that single notification draws us in and we get hooked on scrolling, only coming up for air half an hour later.

Could you get rid of them, and just go into the app once or twice a day instead?

Could you switch off email notifications and do the same?

How many other notifications can you do without?

Once you get started with this, it can become quite fun to just switch notifications off and savour the peace and quiet this affords you.

I’d love to hear how you get on with this one – can we make a difference to your mood and your focus today?