Snail Mail

This week’s Mental Sunshine is really simple, and something I think will brighten your day as well as someone else’s.

I tend to find the best tips are the one where you make someone else smile – because then that just makes your own mental sunshine that much brighter.

To know you’ve brightened someone else’s day.

And that’s what this is all about.

This week, send a piece of good old-fashioned snail mail to someone.

You don’t have to get out your letter writing kit and write a four-page masterpiece; a small note or even a postcard will do.

You could write a short note to let someone know you appreciate them or something they’ve done. You could thank someone for something they’ve done for you recently.

Or you could simply say “I thought you might appreciate the picture on this card.”

When was the last time you received some post that wasn’t a bill?

These days the post is often as filled with doom and gloom as the newspapers…

How lovely then for someone to receive a little bit of sunshine through their letterbox!

Deliver a smile the old fashioned way…

The best part about this is posting the card, and knowing that in a few days that person will receive a lovely surprise.

They don’t need to thank you for it, for you to know you’ve made a difference.

You’ve brightened someone else’s day, and that sort of thing brings a certain level of satisfaction.

Send someone some snail mail this week, and just see if it doesn’t bring a little mental sunshine into your life!