I love writing these weekly emails to help spread some mental sunshine and positivity to the world around me.

It brightens my week to send the emails, and I really love to hear from you about how you get on with trying my tips.

This week’s Mental Sunshine is about how to feel more loved.

You might think this is something that requires the cooperation of someone else – a partner, child, parent or friend.

And yes, if someone else is showing you love it’s easier to feel that you are loved.

But actually, this sort of thing starts with ourselves.

We need to show ourselves more love in order to feel more loved.

Lots of people hear this and think this means having a bubble bath or eating some chocolate.

But really it’s more about the small daily things we say and do.

Do you speak to yourself in a loving voice?

Or are you prone to negative self-talk?

Do you take care of yourself like you do the people around you?

Or do you make sure everyone else is ok first?

Would you ever speak to or treat your loved ones the way you speak to and treat yourself?

What can you do today to show yourself more love?