How is the weather in your head lately?

I send out these emails in the hope of bringing a little Mental Sunshine into your life.

Lately we’ve been looking at words from my inspirational word cloud

This week, the word I have chosen is kind.

There are two sides of this one: being kind to others, and being kind to yourself.

When you’re kind to someone else, it makes you feel good.

Being kind can boost your mood, making you feel more optimistic.

There’s also the possibility that your being kind to someone might cause them to go out and perform a good deed for someone else, thus spreading the good feeling.

Being kind to yourself is equally – if not more – important.

When you forget to pick up an ingredient for dinner from the supermarket on your way home from work, it’s easy to berate yourself –

But would you say those things to a friend who had forgotten something?

Or would you say “of course you forgot; you’ve had a lot on lately. Let’s just have something different for dinner…”

Being kind is not about being all “pink and fluffy” and not holding ourselves or others to account.

Rather, it’s about being more understanding and compassionate.

When you’re kind, you feel good – and who doesn’t want to feel good?