This week’s Mental Sunshine is another word from my word cloud


Joy is not really a word we might associate with serious adult life – but why would you not want to feel more joy?

When we feel joyful there’s plenty of mental sunshine in our lives.

if we look for them, there are plenty of reasons to feel the absolute opposite of joyful,

But the same is true for feeling joyful: if we go looking for a reason to smile, we will find it.

It doesn’t need to be a big win or a promotion at work;

It might be that the sun was shining on your morning walk, five minutes to drink your morning coffee in silence, or the gift left on your bed by your hotel housekeeping.

We can choose to look for – and feel – joy, in anything.

The “life hack” is to actually choose to feel joyful.

Once we make that decision, we can find joy anywhere and everywhere.

So then, my challenge to you this week is a very simple one:

Go out and find something to feel joyful about!

And don’t forget to let me kniow what that is…