Joy, Confidence & Positivity

For this week’s email, I thought I would talk a little about why I’m interested in wellness.

After all, my day job is being a photographer.

So why do I send you weekly Mental Sunshine emails?

Well, first of all: everyone looks better in their headshot if they’re wearing a genuine smile.

I realised long ago that whatever the business or situation I’m photographing, things move more smoothly if people are at ease and smiling.

My mission is to:
Awaken Joy, Confidence and Positivity

So when I take photos – no matter who of – this is what I’m aiming for, every single time.

It’s all about self-image – or more importantly positive self-image.

Have you ever had a photo taken and… it just wasn’t what you hoped for?

Perhaps you looked at it and thought, Is this how I really look?!

It can make you feel pretty rubbish.

The opposite is also true.

A good photo can make you feel really good about yourself…

One that you want the world to see – you make it your profile photo on social media as you just know it’s a good reflection of who you are.

And moreso when friends and colleagues comment favourably on it.

A good photo of yourself can be a part of developing a positive self-image which can then affect other areas of your life.

Of course, having a good photo of yourself won’t cure all life’s ills – but it’s as good a start as any, right?

When we think we look good, we feel good – and when we feel good, we have that air of positivity and confidence.

So why shouldn’t we spend as much time as possible on this planet feeling positive and good about ourselves?

Keep smiling and help spread the joy…

I believe that this good feeling can ripple out from us, affecting the people around us and brightening their day too.

I love it when we’ve been to a business to photograph the team and come away knowing we’ve made those people smile.

With a bit of luck, they’ve gone back to their work feeling a bit lighter; a bit brighter.

They might then pick up the phone with a bit more cheer.

Or they might go home to their family feeling a bit chirpier than usual.

So these weekly mental sunshine tips are all a continuation of Awakening Joy, Confidence and Positivity…