One Thing

It’s the first day of September, and I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I always feel like I want to start something new, sign up for something – Buy a new pencil case!

Inevitably, big new habits are hard to stick with; a few months down the line we’ve returned to our normal routine and the new habit is forgotten

Or worse, taunting us from the corner of the room, shaming us for our lack of dedication – Just like the saxophone I bought 3 years ago sitting there gathering dust.

This week’s Mental Sunshine then is about starting a new habit you can stick to – by just doing one thing.

I read an interview with someone who suffered with anxiety; he said he knew that getting out for a walk every day would help him, but often he couldn’t face the thought of it.

So he changed his goal and decided: every day I will at least open the front door.

Most days, he went out of the door and went for a walk, but on the days he couldn’t manage that, he just opened the door.

Perhaps you want to start a fitness routine, but never manage to get to the gym.

Could you put a weight or kettlebell in your kitchen and do a few exercises while you wait for the kettle to boil?

Could you do a squat each time you walk up the stairs?

Maybe you want to read more, but never seem to have the time – leave a book by your bedside table and set a target of reading at least one page each night before going to sleep?

What new thing are you going to start this autumn…?

Whatever new habit or routine you want to add to your life, find a way to make it as small as possible, and tie it to your existing routine.

Your morning routine; your bedtime routine; your coffee-making routine.

In this way you can at least make a start, and feel like you’re making progress.

Let me know what new thing are you going to start this autumn?

Oh and whilst I’m not planning on practising some scales on the saxophone as part of my bedtime routine – I will look at where I can set some time aside for a quick blast…