Is your face like the back end of a bus?

If you decide to use your face as an advertisement on a London bus, you better use a professional headshot to prevent looking like the back end of one.

Including a face alongside your message instantly humanizes it and makes it trustworthy. We as complex human beings have an inherent trust in other people, a simple way to gain that trust to improve your brand is through the use of human faces in your advertisements, posts, designs, business cards, the list goes on.


With over 8.6 million people living in London and over half of all UK bus trips taking place in London, It’s no surprise that top organisations are advertising their faces on the side of the famous red bus.

MiddletonMurray develop great careers for the next generation of employees and build future-proof workforces for all their SME clients. They decided to use their founder and CEO Angela Middleton’s professional headshot for the launch of their new head office in London.

‘’The strapline we created for the official opening of our new Head Office in the Strand, Westminster was  ‘We haven’t moved…We’ve Arrived!’ Central to this was the graphic we created of a London bus featuring the MiddletonMurray logo and John Cassidy’s superb headshot of our founder and CEO, Angela Middleton. The promotion was a great success and the ‘We’ve Arrived’ graphic was widely shared on social media’’.

If you’re thinking of using a face for any branding ensure you have the right headshot to implement the precise brand image you need – and avoid looking like the back end of a bus.

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