Even criminals demand a good headshot…

If you found yourself on the wrong side of the law and the police took your mugshot and released it to the media would you be cheeky enough to ask them to use one of your own?

aussie-mugshot-518-year-old Australian escape convict Amy Sharp did because she knows that a good headshot is key to her brand image. So much so, that when Amy was on the run from police after she escaped from a correctional facility, she took to social media to ask police and news teams to change her mugshot to a more credible photograph of her own.

With a surge of followers and over 52,000 likes, Amy’s decision to request the photo of her to be changed to one she prefers is, in my opinion, pretty cheeky. While concentrating on fleeing from police, Amy still couldn’t resist the temptation to try and change her brand image. But it’s still unknown as to what new branding Amy was attempting with her new photograph.

screenshot-2016-09-25-14-02-54Although Amy’s idea to change her mugshot was brilliant, unfortunately, her preferred photo left out half of her face which, as we all know, is where the money is. As funny as this story is, it does raise some significant questions for the rest of us.


And it’s not just Amy,  another Australian man in an exchange with police on Facebook asked them to change his mugshot. Daniel Damon, who was wanted for failing to answer bail for traffic and drug matters, replied to the post and to a number of other users commenting on the situation.


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