Developing Headshots

The modern world we live in is a strange place. Everyone wants everything yesterday at the latest and if it can’t be done then it’s just not good enough. It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come in a relatively short space of time and even easier to forget how rapidly technology has developed.

Headshots have been around long before they were even called headshots and although some people still find it awkward to be in front of the camera it has to be said that the results have come on leaps and bounds to what they once were. In the days before cameras there were ‘tintypes’ and even before then there were portraits. People have always wanted to capture the image of themselves – whether it’s for business, to remember a moment or as part of family tradition.

Having come so far already, at The Headshot Guy, we often wonder and discuss where technology will take us next – what piece of equipment will be used in the future to ‘photograph’ people? Have we peaked with cameras or will there be more developments and new technology that our children’s children will be using?

Even if cameras stick around for the foreseeable future just how compact will they become? Having said that, it is great to see that DSLR cameras seem to have made somewhat of a comeback in the last 2 years or so… Who knows what technology the future will bring or what may come back around again. I have to say I have always admired the ‘tintypes’ effect on pictures , maybe that will be the next retro trend to resurface.

For now, we’re sticking to what we know best! Take advantage of our skills behind the camera and let us capture you at your best for your online profiles. Click here to find out more about what we can do for your online brand and why it’s so important to be seen in the right light.

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