Even the Victorians had fun in front of the camera…


Many of us enjoy being silly in front of the camera – in fact being silly in front of the camera can work wonders for your headshot. It’s pleasantly surprising to see that our Victorian ancestors also had lots of fun during their photo shoots.

These refreshing photographs show that our Victorian ancestors, who are renowned for their stiff and proper personalities, weren’t afraid to let their guard down and produce photos with oodles of character.

We have no idea who or what is known about the people or dog in these headshots or the reason for them being taken. What we do know is that, apart from their clothing, these photos are very much like the fun ones we often take in our shoots as you can see.

The Woodhorn Museum in Washington displayed The Victorian headshots as part of an expedition, less than two hours away from our Leeds studio.

The Headshot Guy encourages you to let loose in your shoots by pulling funny and unusual faces. From our experience this builds confidence in front of the camera whilst creating a brief stress release for those hectic weeks. A photo shoot like the one in the video generates vibrant engagement with the colleagues in your business, providing them something positive to talk about on the commute home.

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