Horror Headshots on Halloween…

The Tale of Michael’s Horror Headshot

It was a cold dark Monday morning and a medium sized business owner called Michael had just uncovered one of the most terrifying things known to business today

He had all the qualifications and experience needed to confidently manage one of the most successful business deals of all time. Everything seemed perfect after all the time, effort, emails and meetings – a 15-year contract was waiting to be signed. The inquisitive potential business partner, who Micheal had been in conversation with for months, had finally decided to take the plunge by purchasing some of Michael’s Company’s state of the art security software.

All of a sudden something terrible happened… Moments before the potential business partner signed the contract, something told her to check Micheal’s Linkedin Profile. She checked LinkedIn for reassurance that Michael was a professional businessman that could be trusted with the security of her business. Michael’s profile appeared on the screen and in that instant the potential investor decided to not sign the contract.

Michael dreamt all night of how this new deal would change his life and the lives of the employees at his company. He turned up to work on Monday morning to an email stating that his potential business partner had pulled out of the deal.

Every time there is a full moon Michael wakes up at midnight with terrors of what more he could have possibly done to seal that deal.

Unbeknown to Michael, the LinkedIn profile photo he was using at the time spooked his potential business partner. His professional photograph that should have been screaming, “I am a secure, trusted, businessman” was instead screaming “look how relaxed and fun I am!” The image Michael used was a cropped photograph of him at a wedding two years ago. His professionalism and his company’s success may have been the best in the world, but his ghastly profile picture made for a very unhappy ending for Michael.

Nightmare situation – Dressed for the occasion, but the wrong occasion…

Don’t make the same mistake as Michael, remember wedding photo’s have no place representing your business or personal brand image on linkedIn. Wearing a stunning dress or fancy suit isn’t enough to create a trusting online profile that business people take seriously. You wouldn’t wear a Halloween outfit on Christmas day or turn up to an interview wearing a cravat or wedding dress, so don’t make the same vital error by the representing yourself online wearing the wrong attire.

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