Don’t be a Toblerone, Close the Gap!

People are now looking at the famous yellow Prism as incomplete, sub-standard and untrustworthy.


Once a bar being admired by chocolate lovers everywhere, now an old edible brown bicycle stand waiting to be sent back to the manufacturer. The Swiss T, no matter how great of a chocolate bar it may be, has now widened the gap not only between the blocks but also between itself and its audience.

In our terms, the gap in this new chocolate bar (if you can still call it that) symbolises the gap between what people think you look like and what you actually look like.

For example, you might think you look professional on LinkedIn, using a cropped headshot of yourself in a nice suit or dress, but other professionals may think your profile looks incomplete substandard and untrustworthy. The headshot guy aims to close that gap by giving you the perfect headshot, appropriate for your own brand image.

Professionals and other business people want to see you looking at the top of your game when you’re networking with them, this builds their trust and influences their decisions, therefore closing the gap. This could be the deciding factor for that promotion or the new job you are looking for.

Close the gaps between you and your potential business partners and who knows you may be the next Willy Wonka.

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