How to utilise your headshot on social platforms

When defining your profile to create your brand you need to make sure you utilise your headshot on social platforms. With everybody now using social media to market themselves, it is vital to portray the right image and ‘Create Brand Me’

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are some of the most vital marketing platforms that you can use for your business online.

So how is the best way to upload your new headshot to your social profiles?

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LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms. It is the main platform that people look at to see YOU – the main image behind the brand. So make sure you utilise your headshot on social platforms. You need a clear close up on LinkedIn as when people search for you, they immediately know it is you, rather than hunting through a list of people with the same name.


Twitter Headshots
Twitter Headshots

Twitter and Facebook are both a little more social. Facebook is good to have a headshot as your main photo for your business page. Then it is good to have a cover image that needs to be a landscape picture that is relevant to an area that you work within. Therefore mine is people’s headshots.

Don’t crop your headshot yourself. When needing to create your social profile, what is the best practice? Once I have given you the selection and made final edits of your headshot choices, I will email you the final images.

Firstly make sure your picture is of quality image (this is also why it is vital to use a professional picture). You then need to crop / screenshot the image. Different platforms have different criteria to ensure the photograph shows correctly.

Facebook and LinkedIn operate with a 200px x 200px. I therefore recommend that you crop your image to 180 x 180 to leave room to crop around the border. Twitter operates with a 73px x 73px profile picture and so it doesn’t matter if it is a lot smaller or the same as your avatar for other social platforms.

The main thing is to make sure it is good quality, the picture has not pixelated and people know who you are!