Headshot Mistake: Cropping a photo from a drunken party, holiday snap or wedding photo…


Headshot Mistake: Never crop photos or use personal pictures. If you were interviewing someone and they turned up wearing shorts and a T-shirt, a pair of Speedos or a wedding dress, what would you think? (Yes, these pictures exist on the profiles of business professionals on LinkedIn!).

Your first impression is the most important, so don’t commit this mistake online. Someone’s first impression of you should be one of authenticity, professionalism and approachability. Your profile picture may well be the first time someone sees you, so you want to make a lasting impression – for all the right reasons.

Think about how you would turn up for a job interview or a potentially huge business deal. You may not think it matters, but others do. Using a more casual photo may align with your business approach or field, but you still need to look like the professional in your industry.