The Importance of Being Seen

The Importance of Being Seen (as you are)

In a world verging on obsessed with image and ever intrigued by celebrity it’s no wonder that so many of us are intimidated by or shy away from photo shoots.

If we stopped comparing ourselves to the latest celebrity to walk the red carpet and really looked at ourselves objectively I’m sure we could feel a lot happier about the way we look.

Why is it so difficult for us to perceive ourselves as others see us? When presented with a photograph of friends I’m sure very few of us analyse our friends, looking for every out of place hair or crooked smile. Yet when presented with a photo of ourselves, it’s another story completely. I’m sure after we’ve worked up the courage to actually sit down and study said photo, the majority of us could happily obsess over every minor detail that highlights our flaws.JC_810x445

How many of us have had people compliment us on a photo or just before an evening out but refuse to believe or admit that we actually look good? And with photoshop, instagram and other similar software at our disposable it has become a lot easier to edit out or flaws. Using programmes like this gives us the power to make ourselves almost unrecognisable. But why allow someone to photograph us to then change it completely?

We need to start embracing who we are and what we look like! This is particularly important when using your headshot. It would be illogical to have your headshot taken and then to have it edited and photoshopped beyond recognition. When it comes to headshot it’s perfectly acceptable to do some basic retouching; removing  a spot or blemish that magically creeps up the night before your shoot or reducing facial lines and eliminating stray hairs. But it’s important that your headshot looks like you. When it comes down to it it’s vital that people are able to recognise you from your photo.

Pick a photographer who’s work you like and a photographer you feel you’d be comfortable with, the best headshot photographers will be able to make you feel at ease and capture a great photo of you no matter how un-photogenic you think you are.

Get used to looking at yourself as others see you. They’re not looking at your perceived flaws, they’re looking at the whole package that is uniquely you!