This week’s Mental Sunshine is all about focus.

When was the last time you got completely lost in something, looking up to realise hours had passed?

Children are great at this; give them a colouring book or some building blocks, and they can lose themselves in their own little world for hours.

As adults, we might not even know what gets us into that flow state in the first place.

It’s worth investigating though; being in a flow state can feel like a mini holiday for our brains and can actually lower stress levels.

It can even help us to feel a sense of meaning, hope and fulfilment.

There are no rules about what to do in order to get into a flow state; it’s different for each of us.

It might be colouring; writing; drawing; working with clay or any number of things.

It’s probably something you really enjoyed doing when you were a child.

Put your heart into something new to focus on…

You might even find that for you, it’s photography!

Experiment with what you’ve enjoyed in the past, and maybe explore some new hobbies.

See what works for you – and relish that feeling of your mind having been on a holiday for a while!