Do A Task

How is your to-do list looking?

This week’s tip for a dose of mental sunshine is relatively simple…

But also might make a really big difference to how you’re feeling.

The tip is:

Do a task you’ve been putting off.

Most of us have a job (or 2) that we’ve been meaning to do.

But, for whatever reason, we keep putting it off.

It might be making a phone call, filing all your old paperwork or clearing out the garage.

Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, it’s probably taking up a certain amount of space in your brain.

It’s always there, just poking at the back of your conscious mind.

This can actually be something that adds to our stress and tiredness, without us even realising it.

So, just tell yourself: “Right let’s just do this now!”

And then begin.

Do whatever it is, and you will probably find it’s nowhere near as bigger task than you first thought.

Clear some space in your brain by doing those things you keep putting off…

It’ll probably take less than half the time you’d expected.

When you’ve finished, you’ll wonder why you kept putting it off –

And there will be a resounding sense of peace that comes from having ticked something off your to-do list!

And made room in your brain for more mental sunshine

Let me know how you get on; I love to hear about how these weekly tips work for you.

And for more on getting things done, read Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy