Rules for Happiness

“Happiness is the only product in the world that multiplies by division” Jonah Goldstein

I love this quote which is referred to in one of the books I often read by Maxwell Maltz.

Maxwell also wrote these seven rules for happy living that I’d like to share with you in this weeks dose of mental sunshine.

1. Get the happiness habit

Smile inside and make this feeling part of you. Create a happy world for yourself. Look forward to each day. Even if some shadows blot out the sunshine, there is always something to feel good about.

2. Declare war on negative feelings

Don’t let unrealistic worries eat away at you. When negative thoughts invade your mind, fight them. Ask yourself why you, who have every right to be happy, must spend time wrestling with fear, worry and hate. Win the war against these scourges.

3. Strengthen your self-image

See yourself as you’ve been in your best moments and give yourself some appreciation. Visualise your happy times and the pride you’ve felt in yourself. Imagine future experiences that will be joyful and happy. Give yourself credit for being who you are.

4. Learn how to laugh

As adults, we sometimes grin or chuckle but rarely do we belly laugh, A belly laugh leaves you with a sense of relief or freedom. Laughing, when genuine, is purifying. It is a part of your success mechanism, propelling you to victories in life. If you haven’t properly laughed since your early years, go back to school and relearn this important activity that you should have never forgotten.

5. Dig out your buried treasures

Don’t let your talents and resources die inside you. Let them out and give them a chance to meet the test of life.

6. Help others

Giving to your fellows can be the most rewarding experience of your life. If you give to others you might be amazed at their grateful appreciative response. You’ll feel great when you can give without the thought of profit.

7. Seek activities that will make you happy

An active life is a happy life. Do something you enjoy that’s good for you…

Please multiply your happiness by sharing your own rule for happiness with me…

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