Do Nothing

How’s your week going?

Are you getting lots done?

You’re probably multitasking a fair amount too if you’re anything like me. I always seem to have several things on the go at the same time.

These days, with smartphones and social media and endless different apps, it feels like we need never get bored again.

Doing nothing is a thing of the past;

We can check our email while we queue at the supermarket, and post an Instagram story whilst walking between shops.

Our attention is always taken up.

With something!

It’s nice to have something to occupy the mind when we find ourselves stuck unexpectedly in a boring situation.

So this week’s mental sunshine tip might surprise you.

Your challenge is to do nothing.

Nothing at all

No mobile phone

No reading


Go and sit or stand somewhere, and just take in the world around you.

What can you see, hear, smell?

Really pay attention to the sounds.

Not just the loud things; what’s the furthest, quietest thing you can hear?

Can you name plants, trees or animals you see or hear?

Can you identify the smells in the air?

I spent 60 minutes this week doing nothing in the dark in a flotation tank. And it was bliss

It’s surprising how rarely we stop to do this these days.

We’re so busy being busy, we forget to just… let go and be.

Often when a person hasn’t had any downtime like this throughout the day, their mind hasn’t had a chance to process the events of the day.

And the moment they lay down in bed to sleep, the mind gets to work!

No wonder we have trouble sleeping!

Allow yourself some “do nothing time” during the day, and see if it helps you to relax and sleep better at night.

And don’t forget to let me know about your experience of doing nothing.