Why do people think symmetrical faces make us perfect?

It always amazes me what things we think would make us attractive. Symmetrical Faces is one of them.

Many people think that if we had symmetrical faces, we would be perfect. When working, the amount of people that, when behind the camera, want to airbrush the picture to make their face “more equal” is tremendously high. However they don’t realise the physical aspects that change when altering different sides and why our faces are naturally supposed to be slightly different.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 20.50.18

From this video, the producer conducted an experiment to see how other people’s opinions would change if we did have symmetrical faces. Within the experiment they placed two pictures of a person (one normal and one symmetrical) to see how much sex appeal the people thought the model had before and after. You can view the video HERE to see the results.

A majority of people that viewed the pictures came up with the same result.

There is also the theory that people try out the technology like PhotoBooth on phones that can give us the ability to view some of the unnatural results of a symmetrical face.

Symmetrical Faces

Above is an image showing firstly a natural face, then a left sided symmetrical face and then a right sided. Our faces and design are built before we are born and symmetry is not a natural part of this process.

Why can we not be happy with ourselves for what we are? As demonstrated in the Dove Sketch that we wrote previously, do you think we will ever be happy with our own skin?