The Dove Sketch


One of the hardest things I come across within my industry is dealing with people’s own self reflection of which they imagine flaws that nobody else can see.

Upon working, whether it is a close friend that I engage with easily or a powerful thought leader within their industry, everybody sees themselves in a different light and imagines imperfections that only they notice. This is due to us as humans striving for perfection and seeing things in ourselves that nobody else notices. I have photographed many gorgeous girls and guys that have fantastic result photographs. Yet upon seeing the shots all I hear is ‘Look at my double chin, My nose sticks out too much or Can you airbrush my whole face?’.  Yet these are some of the most gorgeous people that usually come across independent and influential within the corporate world.

I was therefore somewhat intrigued to see The ‘Dove Sketch’.

The FBI Trained Forensic Artist, Gil Zamora, conducted an experiment that involved sketching a person without being able to see them. He sketches them purely as they describe themselves. The portrait looks good and extremely similar to the subject being drawn. However I personally found them all missing something, having no charisma and being slightly dull.

Zamora then had a third person describe exactly the same model. Upon sketching – the person always looked more apt and always included a lot more charm than that of how they described themselves – showing that we bring our own imperfections out when describing ourselves.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter @theheadshotguy @Dove #Wearebeautiful

One of Zamora's Models
One of Zamora’s Models

The video shows Gil working live with the models. As The headshot guy I have a lot of respect for Dove with the campaigns that they choose to execute within the industry as they always demonstrate ‘real models’ rather than airbrushed fake girls. Always using natural girls, I think they portray true beauty and are trying to build the confidence in people to realise that an inner confidence reflects a true happiness and proves with how you come across – Not trying to always be perfect. Nobody is perfect… Except me maybe 😉