My Headshot Experience by Charlene Hutsebaut

Charlene Hutsebaut

I met John Cassidy for the first time at the Women Unlimited 2013 Thrive Conference.  I saw a camera in the corner with lights and a man surrounded by women!  What more could any gentleman want?!

I watched as the day progressed and John was still standing in the corner entertaining the girls, making them feel comfortable while he snapped their photos.  The line-up to his camera never ceased until close to the end of the day.  I finally seized my opportunity to have my shots taken.

I am not one to shy away from a camera so I went in to meet John with my usual excitement.  I have to say that John was in fine form even after 8 hours taking photos of women without a break.  He welcomed me with a genuine smile and got down to business.  I had never had indoor professional headshots taken and was intrigued by all the chin, head and shoulder angles John asked me to form.  I was thinking these photos would be totally wacky!  But of course, they turned out wonderfully.  John sure knows his stuff technically and combined with his light hearted and approachable nature made the whole experience very easy.

Watching him through the day with the women, most of whom probably didn’t like having their photo taken, I can see why he is such a hit!  He simply puts people at ease in front of the camera.  The end results speak for themselves.  I now have a more business like headshot to go along with my sporty ones. Thanks John!