Where Do Your Clients Find You?

Possibly the oldest and still the most reliable form of marketing is word of mouth, if someone that you trust recommends a certain product or service I believe people are much more inclined to purchase that product or service. Other than that I believe that the majority of people now search for the services that they need online.

Typically when searching online, personally, I do a Google search for the service or product I am looking for (usually including a location) and then judge the results by looking at their websites and their social media profiles. I may also search for a service by using LinkedIn. When looking at their website I’m looking at how they represent themselves this is based on everything from colour schemes to terminology to (yes, you guessed it) the headshots that they use.

The Headshot GuyBy looking at their website and then their social media profiles I determine whether or not I want to work this person and form an opinion of the product or service they provide by the way they represent their business online. It’s the same if someone recommends a business to me, I’ll always have a look at their website, their LinkedIn profile and their Twitter feed before I choose to use their service.

If new clients and customers are looking you up online before making any initial contact it is essential that you are representing yourself in the right way and it always aids your companies image to have a professional headshot as your image – particularly if you are your brand.

How do you choose businesses that you want to work with? What would incline you to work with someone or to avoid their company? As always I want to hear your thoughts on the subject so leave a comment or send me a tweet.