Dress To Impress

In some professions your attire can count for a lot. There are so many different industries and for a profession such as a business coach it is important that what you wear reflects the companies that you are consulting for. Some creative types are much more relaxed in what they wear, whereas more corporate companies need to be suited and booted and look the part.

As a business coach you are going into a number of different companies and assisting them with sections of their business that are not working as efficiently as they could be, or giving advice on how to make the most out of the resources that you have. It is incredibly important in this line of work that your attire is sufficient for the businesses that you are dealing with.

Due to the variety of the businesses that they can be working with it is important that business coaches get their The Headshot Guydress code right for their headshots. These headshots will (hopefully) be seen by a vast amount of people that are looking at their website or social profiles and your attire needs to accommodate for all the different types of businesses that you will be working with. If you specialise in creative companies then your attire may be slightly more relaxed and this is something that you want to reflect in your online image. However, if you do work with a variety of different business it’s always better to be over dressed and look as smart as possible rather than looking too casual and losing out on business.

Above all else it is important that you are easily recognisable from your headshot so whatever you tend to wear to work on a day to day basis is probably the attire that you should consider wearing for your professional headshot. If you have any questions or queries about what you should bring to your shoot then please get in touch here.