Voice Notes

How connected are you feeling today?

In these post-pandemic days, where some are still a little wary of being too physically close to each other, it’s easy to feel a little lonely.

And to be fair, even before the pandemic, things like emails and WhatsApp messages were replacing face-to-face conversations for many people.

This week’s Mental Sunshine is a super simple way to bring more connection into your life.

Whether that’s with your friends, family or work colleagues.

The tip is to send a voice note instead of a text message.

Texts and WhatsApps are great, but the tone of your voice is lost in text format.

It’s so easy for things to be misconstrued as it’s a very flat medium.

Here’s an example: it’s your birthday and you receive a text saying Happy birthday.

That’s nice and everything, but how much more touched would you be if you received a voice note of the person singing Happy Birthday to you?

If you’ve never used voice notes before, it can feel a bit daunting and self-conscious to suddenly start talking into your phone (who likes hearing the sound of their own voice?)

But trust me, you’ll soon get used to it (the same with looking at pictures of yourself, but more of which to come in another weekly dose)

You’ll find sending voice notes will make you a better communicator too

And help you feel more connected to the world around you.

Feel less isolated by talking more..