Eye Contact

How is your week going so far?

This week’s mental sunshine is really simple, and one that most of us can try – it just might take a bit of courage.

This week, I want you to challenge yourself to connect with a stranger.

Make eye contact; smile; perhaps even offer a compliment or simply say “good morning!”

It sounds really simple, and you might even feel that you’ll look a bit odd trying this one out – but trust me when I tell you it will brighten your day to make that connection.

Even better: you’ll be spreading the good feeling around!

How often do we wander (or rush) through our days, looking at our phones or focusing on the thoughts rushing through our heads, without really interacting with the world around us?

You might walk into a coffee shop and ask the barista for a coffee; that person might serve you every single day, but when was the last time you made eye contact and asked how their day is going?

Cashiers in supermarkets are quickly being replaced by machines – so why not make the most of having a real person available while we can, and interact with them?

Or you could simply opt to make eye contact and bid someone a cheery “good morning!” as you walk to work.

Connect with a stranger & brighten their day up…

In my experience, the more you cringe at the thought of doing something like this, the better you will feel when you manage it.

We are human beings; we are meant to connect with each other.

We don’t need to reserve that connection for the deep level of intimate conversation we might have with our partner or a friend;

We can forge connections with anyone we meet along our way, and our lives will be all the better for it!

Who are you going to connect with today?