Through a different lens

Through a different lens… I’d always looked a bit longingly at great headshots. Not those posed, ‘glamour shot’ affairs, but the simple ones that seem to capture people’s inner spark. The rise of social media, with its ubiquitous avatars, only made me more envious. Aside from my wedding pictures, I’d never had any professional photos taken.

As a scholar of the Marketing Academy, I was recently given a chance to have some professional headshots taken with John. I was immediately intrigued. I’d been doing more tweeting, writing and public speaking and really needed a headshot that didn’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

After reading a few tips on John’s website, I ventured out to his studio with a mix of anticipation and trepidation. Having a sense of what to wear and how to approach a photography session is useful, but I reckon a great photographer makes the biggest difference.

John made me feel comfortable from the start.  As he began taking the first shots, he knew just what to say to get me to connect and to bring out a natural smile. On several occasions he stopped to show me the photos taken so far. I was taken aback by how good they were, which made me even more comfortable.

We posted one of the photos on Facebook before I left his studio. By the time I got home the comments were rolling in. “Beautiful!” “Gorgeous!” “Stunning!”

It wasn’t just the reaction from friends and family that made me feel great and gave me a huge confidence boost. Mainly, it was seeing in a photo what I see in mind’s eye when I picture myself at my best.  Choosing from all the great snaps was difficult, but in the end I couldn’t really have made a wrong choice.