Illuminating Brands – Lyndon Wood

I photographed Lyndon Wood, Insurance Entrepreneur and the new(ish) owner, Chairman & CEO of a couple of weeks ago and really¬†love the way he’s using the different versions of his headshots on his various profiles (below). In fact he didn’t waste any time in getting them uploaded and they were online as soon as I ftp’d them to him…


I met Lyndon earlier this year at a Peace One Day Business Insights Event, where I am a patron. The first thing I noticed (apart from his height) was his purple suit which started our conversation. It turns out that he has a very talented nephew James Smith @jsbespoketailor whose company hand make bespoke suits in England.


Lyndon didn’t disappoint and brought a number of his colourful suits to the session (as well as his red shoes – although I haven’t looked at the foot-shots market yet..!) all of which I just had to use as they are a big part of his brand (as flowery shirts are to mine).


I found Lyndon very open and honest and I liked his no nonsense, straight talking attitude. We had a great conversation about business, ecademy, cars (he was just back from the Paris Motor Show), MMA and of course his suits… It was brilliant to hear his plans for taking ecademy forward and I am eagerly waiting for the new platform to be revealed early next year.

lyndon-wood-john-cassidy-headshots-london-ecademy-LinkedInAnd Lyndon’s comments “A picture says a thousand words or more, 1001 when done properly. More confidence and a greater image that reflects my character now that I have some proper photos more professional feel too…”