The talent behind headshot photography

The talent behind headshot photography

The Headshot Guy

I have worked with John for nearly a year and have had fun seeing the hard work and effort that he invests into each individual that he shoots. I see how he draws out a person’s personality and captures the right angles with his camera to give a fantastic end product.

So when I had my own headshot done last week, why can I not relax? I’m such a smiley, outgoing person but unfortunately when the camera captures my smile, it screams CHEESY! Considering I know how John works, I thought I’d find it easy; it was quite contrary.

I tried to hard to look natural, I couldn’t stop smiling and I was very aware of the fact that I have put on over a stone in the last 3 months so am not at my most comfortable. The more I was trying to relax and push my face forward (to get rid of my double chins), the less natural the image was appearing.

The headshot guyIn the end John knew I was not comfortable and so started making me pull funny pictures and crazy pictures as if I was in different situations. This made me less tense and I slowly began to forget that I was standing behind a camera.

It is these skills that, even with how well I know John, make you realise how much talent behind headshot photography is required. Once he had transformed those nerves, my picture came out as hoped for and is now utilised on all my social networks and website.

That is why it is vital that you have great rapport with your photographer.